Big News: You can now mouse over JavaScript and TypeScript!

published on 03 November 2021

Kmdr version 5.0 includes quick info for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bash, TypeScript, SCSS, and LESS via mouse over.

There's a lot we're excited to share in the latest release of the Kmdr browser extension! A long time coming, version 5.0 brings support for JavaScript, TypeScript, LESS, and SCSS as well as extended coverage for CLI commands and HTML. Beyond quick info, with the new release comes a new technical base that brings cross-snippet referencing and exciting potential for future user customizations. Read on for details on what's changed and being introduced in Kmdr 5.0.

Quick info for JavaScript and TypeScript

Prior releases of Kmdr detected JavaScript code snippets and gave users consistent syntax highlighting. Now, users can mouse over key words in JavaScript and TypeScript code snippets and get rich metadata about JS standard built-in objects, including their methods, parameters and properties. Any annotations included in snippets using JSDoc are referenced in the quick info so that users can quickly see declarations just as they would in Visual Studio Code. Cross-snippet referencing is also enabled this release so that any declarations made in code snippets early on in a webpage are referenced in quick info for snippets later down the page.

Better support for HTML and CSS

We've improved syntax highlighting and verbosity for HTML and CSS so that it's at parity with VS Code.  We've added quick info for HTML elements so they're as interact-able as HTML attributes in previous releases. Now, when you mouse over an HTML element, you'll see a definition for the element and a link to trusted documentation where you can learn more on how to use it in your code.

Coverage for LESS, and SCSS

Code snippets that are documented as LESS or SCSS now have syntax highlighting, trusted documentation links, and quick info on mouse over! We will continue to expand on web technology coverage with more JavaScript frameworks and libraries throughout the month of November.

Today's release is a pivot from save and share features as we focused on building out the programming assistant for web developers.  Kmdr's quick info in this and the upcoming releases will help web developers review and quickly understand code examples on the web and find the best solutions on their own and with fewer tabs open. 

The Kmdr extension will automatically update for current users. New users can head here to install today on Chrome. 

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