Sharing command line expertise: Mouse over an attribute to get an explanation.

published on 11 January 2021

Dec 19, 2019

In kmdr v0.4, we are introducing Explain Session web pages and enabling kmdr users to share command explanations from the cli. Bringing kmdr to the browser is a milestone on our path to a browser extension that will provide attribute level explanations of any commands you select.


An Explain Session web page features the command as a code snippet with each of its attributes explained through pop-ups triggered by mouse-over. Viewers can also sign-up for exclusive access to the incoming browser extension through the web page.

The install instructions featured also have mouse-over explanations and showcase the use case for embedding kmdr explanations into documentation

Explanation session web pages can be created by any kmdr v0.4 user. The option to share explanations via URL is provided after every command query.


Upon choosing the share option, you will be prompted to input a summary of the command. The summary is rendered as the title of the Explain Session web page when opened in a browser.


The next milestone en-route to a browser extension is user account creation. This feature will ensure synchronization between CLI and browser as you discover new commands, want explanations, and then execute. To gain exclusive access to new features, sign up to our newsletter!

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